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ROCA Services Property Management

Below is a breakdown of the services ROCA can provide. This will help you to understand how you can have peace of mind knowing your Cyprus property is being expertly managed.

Pre & Post Cleans

Our cleaning teams are trained to a very high standard. Your property will be immaculately cleaned, smell fresh and always be a pleasure to stay in. Your property will never be left more than 24 hours from the last occupancy before being cleaned.

Mid-stay Cleans

This service will be carried out at the halfway point on a 2-week stay. Towels and bed linen will be changed and used items laundered. Bins emptied, bathroom sinks, showers, baths and toilets cleaned.


Laundry will be washed and pressed and returned to the property.

Welcome Packs & Celebration Packs

We can supply welcome packs consisting of basic items or a more comprehensive pack if required. For the holidaymaker celebrating an anniversary, birthday etc. we can provide a celebration pack consisting of such things as champagne on ice, balloons, cakes and much more. The cost of the contents of the pack will be charged in addition to the monthly fees.

Meet & Greet

We will meet your guests at your property within 24 hours of arrival to give them a brief overview of the local area and region. The best beaches, restaurants, places to visit, local celebrations, the nearest doctor or supermarket to name just a few topics. Just as important is the introduction to your property so that we can ensure everything runs smoothly.

Window Cleaning

We clean all windows/patio doors inside and out, and also the shutters and door runners.

24-hour Callout

If the callout is an emergency it will be handled immediately, otherwise it will be handled the next day during normal working hours. The owner will be informed at the earliest opportunity.

Electrical Checks

Appliances will be checked that they are in full working order, i.e., batteries, loose wires, this will include light bulbs and switches.

Payment of Bills

We can collect the utility bills from the mailbox we then inform the owner of the amount and the date due. On receipt of the money received from the owner the bills will be paid at the relevant service providers office. The receipt will be held by the company until the owner returns. If not the receipt will be sent by mail.

Supervision of Work Carried out by other Tradesmen

Supervision of tradesman if required, can be carried out by ROCA Services on our behalf and we can supervise constantly, giving you complete peace of mind. On completion of the work the job will be checked and reported to the owner. The payment will be made once the task is completely finished and checked by the company.

Please note: we have our own trusted tradesmen that carry out work for us on a regular basis. The above supervision only applies to people outside of this criteria.

Pool Maintenance (Gold Plus Package only)

We put a lot of emphasis on keeping your pool immaculate throughout the year. Many holidays have been ruined by unhealthy pools. Our pool contracts consists of chemical checks and adjustment, vacuuming and scum line cleaning (this is the area where the water and surface meets the side of the pool). We apply water polishers, to keep your swimming pool crystal clear. We check the timers and all controls are working satisfactory.

Garden Maintenance (Gold Plus Package only)

We will undertake all maintenance tasks related to your garden and outdoor areas to ensure these are kept clean and tidy throughout the year. This includes keeping garden furniture clean and maintained, weeding, lawn maintenance, irrigation, patio and decking cleaning and the general upkeep of your property’s outside space.

The above services listed form the basis of our Gold Standard and Gold Plus Standard Packages but we can also offer many other services to suit your needs, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Furthermore, if the monthly payment plan is not suited your needs, we’re happy to look at costing the services you need on a pay-as-you-go basis so please do get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and quote for the specific tasks accordingly.

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